Royally Obsessed by Lexy Timms

New Release

A crown doesn’t make you a king…

Niko and Alora flee the tiny European country of Eldinburgh hand in hand.

Niko’s parents, the king and queen, want him to marry Vanessa, a young woman with poise and breeding. The problem is that Niko doesn’t love her; he only has eyes for Alora. If they want a chance at a life together, they have to run. Their journey takes them across the world from Germany to New York and Chicago where a nameless assassin attacks them.

Are Niko’s scorned parents behind it, or is there something even more sinister going on? The lovers race against the clock, facing down death at the hands of an unexpected enemy. A secret from the king’s provides the key to their survival and a chance at happily ever after.

A Royal Affair Series

Book 1 – Royally F*cked
Book 2 – Royally Screwed
Book 3 – Royally Obsessed

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