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Nightingale in Europe by Faith Isabel Bloom

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1943, World War II

Paolo De Luca knows what it is to live a normal, everyday life… until an air raid destroys the only home he’s ever known. In an act of desperation, his parents implore him to go into the mountains to find Alma, someone they’re sure could help them. But when Paolo reaches his destination, he meets Sara, Alma’s granddaughter, who changes his life once again.

He’s immediately smitten, but unfortunately, his affection is met with anger. He doesn’t yet understand what prompted it, but when he finds out, his state of shock is interrupted by German soldiers.

With so much turmoil, Paola and Sara have no choice but to escape to Switzerland, but the change of location doesn’t shield them from the challenges at home.

As the world crumbles around them, countless lives are lost, and unspeakable tragedies befall so many, Paolo is urged to join the arm. Soon, he’s assigned to become a driver for a politician. That access sparks an idea that allows him to provide secret documents to the partisans and help him survive his ordeal and return to Switzerland, hopeful Sara will give him another chance.

Read this epic historical romance saga and follow Paolo’s plight as his life comes full circle against the backdrop of World War II and its aftermath!

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