Expecting Love by Lexy Timms

Brigid O’Neil, Irish immigrant and interior designer, never does anything that might count as wild or against the rules.

Until she meets Levi Carson in a bar in Miami and is too drunk to remember her rules about following rules.

Eight months later, she hasn’t heard from Levi again and she’s just about to give birth—to his baby. When he turns up as her delivery nurse, and then refuses to leave again, she reluctantly starts her baby’s life with Levi as her co-parent… though she’s never told him that he’s the father.

Levi Carson didn’t expect to come home from the Marines and meet a girl he liked on his first night back in the States.

Now, eight months later, he hasn’t heard from her in eight months and has transitioned from Marine medic to labor and delivery nurse. When he discovers that his next patient is the girl he slept with in Miami, and her baby looks exactly like him, he bites the bullet and starts playing father to the little one. Even though Brigid won’t tell him the truth.

But neither one of them can keep ignoring the truth forever. And when Levi finally decides that he’s had enough and walks away, Brigid has to ask herself one question: Is her pride worth losing the man she’s started to fall in love with?

Or is she willing to sacrifice her legendary Irish temper for love… and everything that comes with it?

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