Emergency Services by Lexy Timms & Autumn Grey

New Series Coming Soon

Italian American detective Viola Greco accepts a position as sergeant in Boston when it becomes clear she’s never going to get promoted in her misogynistic district of the NYPD in Brooklyn. Viola is a no-nonsense career woman who wants to make captain one day. Despite her laser-focus, there’s still a softness to her character, and she makes it a point to never let her ambition get in the way of her being there for family and friends. Still, she’s very aware of where her priorities lie, and she has decided long ago that she doesn’t have time at this stage of her life for a committed romantic relationship – for the time being, she’s more than content with one-night stands.

Little does Viola know that Boston has other plans for her love life.

Lee Aylward was born and raised in Boston in a BPD family on his mother’s side, but he put his services into the firefighting force instead. As a young man, Lee strayed for a while, following the death of his father (a biology teacher) from cancer. His lost, wayward phase led him to a brief stint in a local gang that Tyler, his childhood best friend, had previously joined. Lee pulled himself out fairly quickly and without repercussion (the MC leaders weren’t interesting in creating a feud with the son of a BPD captain), but to this day he’s ashamed of himself for that spectacular mistake. Lee also can’t make peace with the fact that he can’t convince Tyler to abandon the MC life. “A rescuer who can’t rescue,” is how he bitterly defines himself.

Lee longs to move away and cut all ties with Boston and with his past. He’s about to make a move to do just that when he meets Viola and sparks fly. Can he let her save him from himself?

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