Long Lake (Crossroads Book 3) by Denise Spain

New Release

A missing woman and an ex-boyfriend steer Ettie towards an ancient lake in her search for the final Crossroads.

Ettie’s real and supernatural worlds collide when a mysterious note with the words, A Long Lake, written on old parchment, leads her to the Spokane Reservation and her ex-boyfriend, Ben. She arrives at his door to find his sister, Mina missing and strange events occurring around an ancient lake.

Is it a coincidence? Or is Ettie’s new connection to the Crossroads making the people she cares about targets for the creatures on the other side?

To make matters worse, Nolan joins the search for Mina and tension flies between Ben, Ettie, and Nolan as unresolved issues surface. It doesn’t help that owl witches, a monster bear, and something suspiciously like a vampire confronts the group at every turn.

An old ally, Aram, arrives on the scene. Will the old djinn help or hinder Ettie’s quest to track the final Crossroads and find Mina?

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