DLG Publishing Books

DLG Publishing ** Free in Kindle Unlimited**

J. Davis ** Boxed In**


The Road to Dreams is Full of Nightmares.

Kim Knight Author **Sacrifices


Sacrifices is a riveting romantic story with historical and suspenseful elements set in the 1960s Jazz scene and the present day.

B.S. Robert’s ☆❥¸.•*´¨)☆❥ Allodasos (3 book series)


There’s magic in the world; you just need to know how to find it.

Desiree McCracken** Tea with Death (Death With Tea Book 1)


Death came to tea the day Randy found out he had cancer, and boy, what a difference a day made.

Farra and the Hooded Hunter by Taylor Lee


Trusting him could get her killed. Trusting her is his only chance to survive.

This half Mur Queen, half Helyein Princess, will do almost anything to keep her identity a secret, protect her mistress, and find her way home.

Kasimma ** New Release


Why Aren’t We All Feminists?

‘Why Aren’t We All Feminists’ touches on the subtle and crude things female children and grown women must deal with worldwide.

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