Contact by Michelle L. De La Garza

Child of Oren *Aveline Colony Book 1**

One single act can change a person’s life for good – or bad – and every choice comes with consequences. 

In the sleepy little town of Deadwater, Maine there lies a body of water called Chase Pond, which conceals a path to a forgotten Avalonian colony, Aveline. Long ago man waged war on the Avalonian Folk, driving them into the seas—never to return to land.

Sixteen-year-old Sarah De Luz, a Deadwater resident, who lives with her father, step-mother, and half-sister, sneaks out of her home for a late-night excursion to Chase Pond, her one true refuge. Caught in the middle of an age-old war for longevity—the fountain of youth—the serenity of her night shatters, and she’s taken to Aveline by an Avalonian named Vlad. The social expectations, terrain, and rules in the water may differ from those set forth by humans on land, but one thing is clear: both want something from her and they’re willing to kill for it.

Haunted by her past and driven by fate, Sarah De Luz must fully embrace her destiny and awaken, even if it means losing herself in the process.

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