Ships Ahoy by Lexy Timms

༺❀༻ Free Book

(Love on the Sea Series Book 1)

Sometimes, you just need to live a little.

Olivia won a First-Class ticket for a five-day cruise. This, from the girl who never wins.

On board, she meets Thomas – mister tall, dark, and incredibly handsome.

Thomas is a billionaire, the owner of the cruise ship. The last thing he’s looking for on board his ship is another woman who wants him for his money. When he meets the Olivia, it’s pure luck that she has no idea who he is. And he plans on keeping it that way.

But it’s not to last. Thomas slips up, and Olivia learns the truth about her man of mystery. Lying, betrayal… it wasn’t part of the deal when she decided to risk it all and live a little. Maybe her lucky streak has run out.

Five days can really change your entire life. Or ruin it.

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