Pit Stop by Stephanie Nichole

NEW RELEASE!!! Tillman has done some unthinkable things. His soul is tarnished and stained, but now, he’s here to make things right. Pit Stop is his way to redemption but then the brightest light and biggest temptation shows up. Now, he might just blow everything again…for her. Odette is everything he doesn’t deserve but everythingContinue reading “Pit Stop by Stephanie Nichole”

Magick, Straight Up by Barbara Devlin

Magick Trilogy Book 1 Big city doc Rafe Owen yearns for the simple life and a small town girl. When he accepts a temporary position at Haven Harbor Regional Medical Center, in a quirky little community known for it’s tongue-in-cheek embrace of witch lore, he falls for the beautiful bartender with a unique ability toContinue reading “Magick, Straight Up by Barbara Devlin”

Get Your Duke On Anthology!!!

Dragonblade Publishing Anthology!!! New Preorder Release Welcome to a rollicking summer in Regency England, where the weather is warm, the ladies warmer, and the dukes sizzling-hot! For lovers of historical romance, lose yourself in this collection of never before published Regency tales. From gambling halls to ballrooms, you’ll enjoy a summer with a wide castContinue reading “Get Your Duke On Anthology!!!”

The Sword by Fil Reid

New Release Merlin’s sword in the stone has stood for three years in Dark Age Viroconium. Can Gwen get her husband there to draw it and set him on the road to becoming the king of legend? Gwen, a girl from the twenty-first century, was kidnapped back in time to become King Arthur’s Queen GuinevereContinue reading “The Sword by Fil Reid”

Apocalipstick by Lisa Acerbo

99 cents!!!! Hell in a Handbag Book 1 A mysterious pandemic kills much of the population, leaving Jenna Martin to live in a world-gone-insane. Being alive after an apocalypse is bad, but it’s made worse when the multitudes killed by the disease return ravenous for human flesh. Jenna, in serious trouble and pursued by undead,Continue reading “Apocalipstick by Lisa Acerbo”

Wicked & Ruthless: A Mafia Anthology

New Preorder Join us in a world that has rules to live by, and if you don’t follow them you swim with the fishes. Secrets, lies, corruption, and bosses of the illegal kind.The laws don’t pertain to them, not even a little. It’s their way or no way, accept it or watch as those aroundContinue reading “Wicked & Ruthless: A Mafia Anthology”

Secrets and Lies Box Set by Lexy Timms

❥¸.•´¨`•✿ ❥ Free Box Set!!! Strange Secrets (Secrets & Lies Series Book 1) Your past does not define you. It prepares you. Everyone has a past.But not everyone has a past like mine. I’ve left the life I lived before behind. Started over in Kingston—a small town with a big heart. Nothing like the cold,Continue reading “Secrets and Lies Box Set by Lexy Timms”

Mending Magic Box Set!

Free Box Set!!!! Dystopian Paranormal Teen Romance USA Today Bestselling YA & Paranormal author, W.J. May takes you along a journey of finding oneself, finding your strengths and your weaknesses, of knowing who to trust and how far you are willing to go. Your curse is your biggest strength. I just didn’t know it yet.Continue reading “Mending Magic Box Set!”

Scrutiny by W. J. May

New Release Beginning’s End Series Book 3 USA Today Bestselling author, W.J. May, brings you the story of how the prophecies began–before Evie, before Katerina–starting from the very beginning. The Beginning’s End Series is a prequel and continuation of the bestselling YA/NA series about love, betrayal, magic and fantasy. Welcome to W.J. May’s world ofContinue reading “Scrutiny by W. J. May”

Hot News by Caleb Pine

**A Perfect Order Series Book 1** Cody never thought he would be able to find someone else after the death of his fiancé, Ash. He knew the scar on his heart from being rejected from Ash’s family was very prominent on his heart. He never expected a Chicago reporter to walk in to make himContinue reading “Hot News by Caleb Pine”