Tea with Death by Desiree McCracken

**Death With Tea Book 1**

Death came to tea the day Randy found out he had cancer, and boy, what a difference a day made.

Randy’s life is great. He has a loyal dog named Cujo, and a lovely girlfriend he’s about to propose to. Only one issue, during a follow-up doctor appointment, he learns he has the Big C, cancer. His famous girlfriend dumps him, his doctor wishes him the best of luck, and he finds out he has an expiration date that’s coming sooner than he wants. The only thing left of his former life is the engagement ring in his pocket, two prescription bottles, and a little dog. That is, until Death comes to tea and makes Randy an offer he can’t refuse. A job offer as Death’s assistant.

With the end of his life rushing to meet him, and with nobody at home but his little dog to comfort him, he soon realizes, there’s nothing or no one left in the world to miss him or mourn his passing. So, over a cup of tea, he decides to take Death up on his offer. What could go wrong, right?

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