Once Upon a Dukes With by Lana Williams

New Release

An earl shadowed by the past meets a lady determined to start anew.

Ella Wright brings her two younger sisters to London after the tragic death of their treasure-hunting father on Oak Island, hoping to secure their futures. But the city presents new challenges, the first of which is convincing their estranged grandfather, the intimidating Duke of Rothwood, to take them in. Then their father’s journal detailing his search for pirate treasure is stolen, and Ella has no idea who to trust.

Leo Stanton, the Earl of Marbury, is alarmed when he hears three ladies claiming to be Rothwood’s granddaughters have arrived in London. Fearing the man who’s been like a grandfather to him is being taken advantage of, he rushes to Rothwood’s side to find three beauties under his roof and their father’s questionable scribbles missing.

Given Leo’s expertise in pirate artifacts, the duke requests his assistance to find the stolen journal. Leo reluctantly agrees, though he thinks Ella’s father was a fool. While he can’t ignore his resentment of past events, one heated kiss with Ella convinces him that more is at stake than a notebook.

Ella knows the pain pursuing a dream can cause, yet her growing attraction for Leo can’t be denied. Dare she trust him in her quest to regain her father’s journal along with her love, or will fate demand payment for the past?

The Duke’s Lost Treasures
Once Upon a Duke’s Wish
A Kiss from a Marquess
If Not for the Duke

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