Tempting The Sinner by Lexy Timms

** New Release** 99 cents!!!

You don’t have to die to go to hell…

I thought I’d left that life behind.

Instead I just exchanged it for the same one, just a little more dangerous, a little more deadly.
After the gang fight at the bar, and the Kings of Hades MC club clearly the winner, I went home with Jasper in triumph. But when Jasper’s brother died, everything falls apart. The one time leader of the Kings was murdered and while we couldn’t be sure, it was obvious that the rival gang, the Angel’s Death, had something to do with it.
I wanted to help Jasper figure out who was to blame. I was falling for him hard and avenging his brother was the only way he could put the past to rest. Is my ex-lover, Simon “The Reaper” Mortimer, who was to blame? As we dig to get to the truth, I learn something about Jasper’s family that could shake him to the core.

Should I tell him and risk the fallout, or keep my mouth shut and leave the skeletons in the closet?

King of Hades MC Series

Book 1 – Sinner
Book 2 – Tempting Sinner
Book 3 – Enticing Sinner

Note: This is a 3 book series… all your questions won’t be answered until book 3. Enjoy the ride!

Books2read: https://books2read.com/b/b5lZMA

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