The Impoverished Dowry by Emily E K Murdoch

New Preorder Release

Coral de Petras is on the hunt for a rich husband, and she doesn’t care who knows it.

In her third Season and starting to attract the wrong kind of attention, a chance introduction with a duke (sadly penniless) throws her completely off balance. She must find a wealthy husband, so her dowry does not completely impoverish her family.

The Duke of Glaenarm is handsome, charming, devilishly devoted to her. And penniless. Damn.
At least, that is what Edward Barlow, Duke of Glaenarm, wants her to believe.

Amused by the fiery haired beauty who demands a husband with an income of at least four thousand pounds, Edward decides to trick her into affection for him – proving that even if she believes him poor, she can fall in love.

But as lies start to layer onto lies, neither Coral nor Edward can control the desire pulling them together – and as the de Petras family’s outrageous behavior continues to threaten their respectability, it’s becoming more and more difficult for Coral to understand what she wants from life.

A respectable, boring, wealthy suitor – or a penniless duke that makes her feel alive?

This full length novel is a steamy Regency romance with a happily ever after, no cliffhangers, and is part of a series that can be read in any order, but is best enjoyed in sequence.

The de Petras Saga
Book 1 – The Misplaced Husband
Book 2 – The Impoverished Dowry
Book 3 – The Contrary Debutante
Book 4 – The Determined Mistress
Book 5 – The Convenient Engagement
Book 6 – The Disrespectful Duke
Book 7 – The Overlooked Wallflower
Book 8 – The Runaway Elopement
Book 9 – The European Adventure
Book 10 – The Unexpected Proposal
Book 11 – The Determined Suffragette
Book 12 – The Scandalous Rumors
Book 13 – The Argumentative Bluestocking
Book 14 – The Forgotten Bachelor

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