Chronicles of Angel by WJ May

**Kerrigan Memoirs **

What started as a nightmare, turned into a fairytale.

Some might argue, Angel Cross was doomed from the start. Born to a life of servitude and raised to be an instrument of death, the girl was never comfortable unless there was a gun in her hand.

Then she went and did the craziest thing of all…she fell in love.

While the rest of her friends slip into a simple routine of domesticated bliss and saving the world, Angel has a harder time finding her footing. Instead of explosives, she finds herself toting a car-seat. Instead of midnight homicides in Berlin, she finds herself sitting in back of the PTA.

An accidental touch of arson sentences her to Carter-appointed therapy, throwing a spotlight on all that dissonance, but things at the PC are growing rocky as well. Case files are being altered and prisoners are going missing. An inside-person may be working behind the scenes.

How long can she pull a thread, before the whole thing unravels? Was such a venture destined to fail from the start? What happens if you realize…happily ever after isn’t enough?


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