Chronicles of Julian by WJ May

How does one carry the weight of two worlds…?

Since the day he turned sixteen, Julian Decker had been the supernatural world’s security blanket, safeguarding the future of magic with the gift of prophecy again, and again, and again. It was a delicate balance and a crushing responsibility, but the good had always outweighed the bad.

Or so he believed.

When Julian is sent on a dangerous deep-cover mission, all those certainties are thrown into question as he finds himself facing the worst of life’s evils once again. The darkness they battle seems doomed to overtake the light, and the death of a friend makes him wonder if he wants to keep fighting anymore.

Why keep waging the war, when history seems fated to repeat itself? Why spend all your time in the future, if you never get to live in the here and now? At what point is that burden meant to rest on someone else’s shoulders?

At what point do you say: enough is enough.

Kerrigan Memoirs

The Chronicles of Devon
The Chronicles of Angel
The Chronicles of Julian
The Chronicles of Molly
The Chronicles of Gabriel
The Chronicles of Rae

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