Faith Isabel Bloom Books

** Free to Download**

The Last Memory Box: Amidala’s world is turned upside down when she discovers her late father’s long-held secret.

The Nightingale in Europe : Read this epic historical romance saga and follow Paolo’s plight as his life comes full circle against the backdrop of World War II and its aftermath!

A Great Hope: Does she Follow her heart or stay loyal to her country in its hour of need?



** 99 cents or Free in Kindle Unlimited**

The Quest for Salerno: Sophia must make a choice not just about her aunt’s precious dream, but of her own happiness too.



Sophia’s Hope: Lily up to the challenges that lie ahead? Or will her cousin’s fate at the hands of the fascists mean the end for them all?


Lily’s Hope: There are secrets still being kept that could change her life forever. And if she can discover them she may be able to set herself free too.


Book 4 and 5 Coming Soon!!!!

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