The Dirty Little Taboo Series by Lexy Timms

What happens when you start a fire you can’t quench?

An unplanned pregnancy.

She didn’t want to accept facts, but Monique can’t escape reality. Sometimes, things don’t always go as planned. She needs to talk to Hunter about it—she didn’t make this baby alone. But Hunter’s father is in hospital and she doesn’t want to jump it on him when he has so much he needs to worry about already. Now is not the time.

As his father grows weaker, the company is signed over to Hunter. He has mixed feelings about it – it was always the plan but he hates this it happened under these circumstances. Then he finds out about the baby—a secret Monique has kept from him. Why?

Monique is shattered when it looks like she was trying to keep Hunter out of the loop and she doesn’t know what to do. Along with a threatening miscarriage, life is becoming too hard to handle.

Are they going to be able to figure it out together? Or are Hunter and Monique doomed to go through their journeys alone?


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