Overshare by Lexy Timms

New Release!!!!

Oversharing might ruin your joys…

The last thing Gavin Freeman needs is a distraction as he heads into a huge showcase tournament in Myrtle Beach. But when Star decides to skip off with some friends at the last minute, and Lila, who is staying at the same hotel competing in her own tournament, comes down sick, Gavin feels the need to take care of her.
When a biker gang from his parent’s past begins to interfere in his life, it leads Gavin through a whirlwind couple of days and his bond with Lila gets so strong that it might just break him. If the gang doesn’t literally break him first.

Lila started her trip sick and by the time she got better, Gavin had proven to be not only a great friend, but too intense an attraction to ignore. With Star being hard to talk to and dismissive of the very existence of her relationship with Gavin, Lila fights the feelings she’s catching like a second dose of her cold, only way worse.

Chaos takes over on a night out and Lila feels pushed toward making a decision; should she be the better friend and walk, or follow her heart and maybe strike out?

The Wrong Side of the Tracks
The Knockback
The Overshare
The Fightback

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