Hold my Heart by Kalila Black

New Release

Annalise Evans knows a heart doesn’t have to be whole to work. After all, Grayson took part of hers with him when he left. Determined to move on, she found a new dream and built a life she’s proud of. And if she’s a little lonely every now and then, well. That’s the price of keeping your heart safe.

Grayson Desrosiers has spent the past few years filled with regret over the choices he made when he was younger. All he needs is a second shot to get things right. When a chance encounter brings Annalise back into his life, Gray is determined to keep her there, for good this time.

But when Gray’s ‘come what may’ philosophy is put to the test, will he leave Anna, breaking her heart again, or will he choose to stay and be the man that she deserves?

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