I’ve Been Matched by Lexy Timms

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Love Connects Us All…

Declan Sharpe never thought a woman like Amanda would give him the time of day. She’s smart, sophisticated, a corporate success. Way out of his league.

When his ranch is on the verge of being taken by developers potentially leaving him with nothing, Amanda sticks by him through the fight to save his family’s land.

Until she doesn’t.

When she suddenly breaks up with him without explanation.

Amanda Iversen has worked hard all her life and it’s finally paying off. She has a dream job. Friends and family she could share anything with. And Declan, the only guy who ever set her heart on fire. That all starts to fall apart when she’s forced to make an impossible choice. She can break up with Declan to save his ranch, or she can stand by him and watch him lose everything. She takes the hard road, breaking Declan’s heart to protect him, and keep the reason secret.

Declan can’t let her go and when his dark past finally catches up with him, he’ll have to choose between family honor or a second chance at love. Will Declan and Amanda ever be able to get back to each other before it’s too late?

A Dating App Series

Book 1 – I’ve Been Matched

Book 2 – You’ve Been Matched

Book 3 – We’ve Been Matched

Books2read: https://books2read.com/b/mlakAq

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