Royal Affair Series by Lexy Timms

A crown doesn’t make you a king…

Prince Niko Priestly, the next in line to a small country, doesn’t want the crown.

The thing is, you can’t abdicate the throne when you’re the only remaining royal blood left to fill the seat. No uncles that had illegitimate children, no secret love babies… just me.

Marriage, life, how many children, everything’s basically been all arranged for me before I was even out of the womb. I need to marry royal blood, some high class social snob that’s colder than a glacier. Stuck in a life I don’t want, forced to fulfill duties I suck at and the more times I screw up, the more the media loves me.

The world is f’d.

I’ve got one last chance at pretending to be normal.

Sort of.

One year left at a proper university that I’m not allowed to flunk out of… which I’m kind of on course to do. But I made a deal with the king: I’ll pass all my courses if he promises to lay off on the bodyguards, the social commitments, bascially everything that goes with royalty until I graduate.

He agrees — under the condition I get a tutor to help me not fail my classes. I can’t say no. It’s a door—more like a window—to freedom for one year at least.

There’s no falling for the tutor – she’s a commoner, with divorced parents, her family isn’t even from Eldinburgh. She’s so far from perfect, my father isn’t even worried I might fall for her.

A Royal Affair Series

Book 1 – Royally F*cked
Book 2 – Royally Screwed
Book 3 – Royally Obsessed



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