A Life Well Lived by Faith Isabel Bloom

New Release

Lily returns from Italy to her parents’ home in England, a different woman in so many ways from the one who left in search of adventure in a distant land. Still there and still carrying a torch for her, despite all that has happened, is Winston. But can Lily move on with her life and accept him back into it?

Meanwhile, in the present day, Sophia still wrestles with trying to do what is right and best for her and her child, while trying to fulfil Lily’s dying wish. As she continues with her quest she falls for a young Italian man who is everything she ever dreamed of but a shocking revelation threatens to undo all she has achieved and her hopes of the future too.

Can she find a way to be happy with her new love? Can she succeed with gaining custody of her child from a man she never really loved and start her life anew? The truth about Lily and her life in Italy is waiting to be exposed and it could either present a solution to all Sophia’s problems or just add to them.

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