Pat Hanratty New Releases

The Italian Cafe: Deeper meanings underly events in our lives that are connected to past-life actions.

When his new wife is shot dead in front his eyes, Tony Mason seeks out the services of a hypnotist, Libby Frasure, for relief from blinding cluster headaches. In a trance state, Tony begins speaking in a raspy voice, saying he wants to make spiritual amends. He resists this until he experiences a non-ordinary state of consciousness and realizes his life’s purpose.

Possession: Who are these people, and why are they calling me ‘Junior’ when my name is Harry?

Middle-aged Harry Riley finds himself in the body of sixteen-year old Junior Hanson and learns he has been dead for three-months. Harry resides with Christine and Ronald Hanson. He learns that Hanson and Monique poisoned him to get his million dollar life insurance.

Harry enlists the help of his fellow therapist, Robin Burns, to help him sort out things while he attends high school. They enlist Monique’s mother to help with their effort to obtain justice.

Asleep one night, Harry is awakened by a gun in his face. At the other end is Ronald Hanson, who seeks to shoot him.

The Carver (Reawakened Mysteries Book 1)

Four friends party while a serial killer walks the streets in the Carver.

Three Brothers Book 2

Psychologist Gerry Finn’s colleague is murdered and Finn wants answers.

“A Christmas To Remember,” tells the story of Jack and Tanya, two star-crossed lovers who have a love-hate relationship.

Reawakened Mysteries Book 3

Jackson Mann remembers his murder—in another life, from another time.

This opens a door he must walk through at his own peril.

“The Lottery Winner” is a short story about Tom Wolfe, an attorney who has compromised his ethics to achieve success and Cal Petersen, his biological son who have two things in common: a photographic memory and big feet.

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