A Place Where Magic Lives by Lisa Colodny

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Liam and Samantha’s grandparent’s farm has always been a magical place it seems. Every visit is an endless adventure filled with imaginative and creative experiences, not to mention midnight hide and seek, hillside baseball competitions, and community kick-the-can games. But nothing could prepare them for the trip they take to the magical woods of Nelliah. After a raging storm, Liam and Samantha take refuge in a barn, only to learn they have been transported into another world. With Ailill, a wise creature in possession of a powerful walking stick and magical mirror, they search the woods to find the entrance to the wormhole that will lead them to home. Their quest won’t be an easy one; even with the dragonflies, hummingbirds, and fireflies, along with an all knowing red bird as allies. They are nearly defeated by the greedy packs of wolves who want the mirror and walking stick for their own so that they may control the channel between the worlds. In the Place Where Magic Lives, Liam and Samantha’s loyalty to each other is put to the test as they journey through the woods becomes a war. Hopeful they will find the way out of Nelliah and return to the farm and be reunited with their family, these two will stop at nothing to complete their mission. Will they overcome the forces that threaten to tear both worlds apart? Or, are they destined to remain as visitors in the woods of Neliah? It’s an all-out battle of good versus evil, one not soon forgotten.

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