Dominic by Paige Price

South Mafia Wars book 1 Now Free!!!

From author Paige Price comes a mafia enemies-to-lovers romance about an enforcer and the runaway he tracks down . . .

My next colossal mistake in life has a name—Dominic Leavitt.
He is the last man in the world I should ever want.
The man is like an Asgardian god come to life.
A single look from those sexy eyes makes my knees weak.
Too bad he’s an arrogant, first-rate jerk on a job to find a missing girl—me.
When I discover his ties to the Russian mafia, I know I should keep my distance.

Mina Melchor thought she could escape her past and me.
This doe-eyed beauty ran away and joined The Friendly Skylines.
The sordid past she left behind is catching up to her.
The Mexican cartel, the Russians, and the Italians all want her.
The girl doesn’t stand a chance in hell and is bound to be ripped to shreds.
By me if I don’t keep my distance.

But neither one of us can ignore the flames of growing attraction.
A single glance makes our hearts race.
A single touch leaves us aching for what we can’t have.
A single blissful night sends us spiraling out of control and falling fast.

Dragging her back into the sordid world she fled long ago is wrong.
But it doesn’t matter. The girl is mine!

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