The Great Fight by Faith Isabel Bloom

New Release

Lily Young is still trapped by war in a strange land, pregnant with Luigi, doing her best to do what she can for her country, while avoiding the malign interest of Mussolini’s feared Blackshirts who would do unspeakable things to her if she were to be captured.

Living quietly in Casa del Sole, her primary aims are to survive the war as best she can, keep her unborn child safe from harm, and maintain her relationship with Luigi so they can one day be together. But when an accident occurs, Lily is suddenly forced to deliver her child unexpectedly and prematurely.

Now, granted an opportunity to experience what motherhood feels like, for the first time, she feels the pressure of the war even more. As she begins to understand that even innocence is no guarantee of survival in a war that threatens to consume not just her life, she begins to wonder if she and Luigi will ever be able to enjoy a normal life away from the horrors of conflict.

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