Yesterday, Once More by Lisa Colodny The Town Time Forgot Series Book 4 In Book four, the saga rewinds back to Hamilton, Nebraska as the Ennis family struggles for answers for Devon and Chris’ disappearance near the great tree, Idresil. With Thomas Hayden, Jr also missing and presumed dead, the towns people, including his fatherContinue reading “**99 CENTS FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY**”

Demetrius By Barbara Devlin

Brethren Origins book 2 Athelyna Des Moutiers has lived the better portion of her years in a convent, isolated from the harsh realities of her world, and has dedicated her life in service to a higher calling. When her father dies, her manipulative older brother negotiates a betrothal contract to one of the King’s knights,Continue reading “Demetrius By Barbara Devlin”

A Love That Knows no Bounds by Laura Landon

New Preorder Release Will choosing love mean losing everything? When Captain Theodore Dunworthy goes on a dangerous assignment for the Crown, the last person he expects to meet is the women he loved and lost. But seeing her again reminds him of how desperately he loved her, and still does. Olivia Matthews has a secretContinue reading “A Love That Knows no Bounds by Laura Landon”

The Lyon’s Share by Cerise Deland

Enter the world of the most notorious gambling den in London, where matches are made… unusually. Welcome to the world of THE LYON’S DEN: The Black Widow of Whitehall Connected World, where the underground of Regency London thrives… and loves. She’d spend every last penny to marry again for security, comfort—or even friendship. He’d winContinue reading “The Lyon’s Share by Cerise Deland”

A Great Hope by Faith Isabel Bloom

** Free Book** The Beauty of Secrets & Lies book 1/Prequel Historical Romance SeriesLilian Young is a young and rebellious woman who yearns for adventures that will take her far from her well-heeled but dull existence amidst England’s upper classes. This opportunity presents itself when her parents take her to Italy for the summer inContinue reading “A Great Hope by Faith Isabel Bloom”

Draycott Eternal: An Anthology by Christina Skye

Ready for more stories of strong heroines and star-crossed romance?Find all the other books from Christina Skye, including her magical Draycott Abbey paranormal series, for the first time in digital editions. Hour of the Rose, Bride of the Mist, Key to Forever and Fallen are all available in digital editions.Sign up for monthly updates, bookContinue reading “Draycott Eternal: An Anthology by Christina Skye”

What You Don’t Know (9 books) by Pat Hanratty

New Release Parts 1-3 are available. 4-9 coming soon!!!! A man intends to tell a woman he’s the reincarnation of her father, but then she reveals a shocking truth: you’re my son! This story is told in three parts. Part I: Attorney Brady Brown battles with the co-founder of his firm, Nelson Jacobs, whose son,Continue reading “What You Don’t Know (9 books) by Pat Hanratty”

Finds & Keepers Series by Cate DeLuca

Blurb: Will archaeologist Tanaquil Greenough’s wit and sixth sense protect her and her beloved Jim from curses, plagues and death threats? Opening an unrobbed Etruscan offering-chamber sets off a series of uncanny adventures for archaeologist Tanaquil Greenough and her lover-colleague Jim, culminating in a fateful choice. Books in the Series:1.) The Castellina Curse2.) Short’s Story3.)Continue reading “Finds & Keepers Series by Cate DeLuca”

Marketing by Lexy Timms

(Undercover Boss Series Book 1) Adam Miller is just your average billionaire CEO of one of the largest tech and marketing companies in the country. Katie Walters is just the PI he hires to figure out how one of his employees is stealing money from the company accounts. But when they agree to go undercoverContinue reading “Marketing by Lexy Timms”

If, Love by Kerri Ann

New Preorder Release The ring, the rose and the romance. Every girl’s dream. My name is Cammie Jane. I’m a career waitress at the hottest speak-easy in the San Diego area. I have tattoos, I ride a motorcycle like a boss, and I know what I want out of life. I want someone who makesContinue reading “If, Love by Kerri Ann”