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** Faith Justice **Why Me


Zoe De La Cruz is a typical friend, mother, and wife, who is caught in the daily struggles of lifegood and bad. Over the course of a difficult year, her friends offer up an array of misguided advice on a platter, and a select few have a shovel and land to hide the evidence. Family wants to purge her and her husband off the face of the earth, guardianship of a parent is a mouthful to chew, absorb, and swallow, and a medical health crisis has her teetering on the edge of oblivion.

Ira Lola TyneTime Witch-Clover


“Being Fae means the Holdens are supernaturals—Supers, and that isn’t the only secret the Holdens guard.” Every day, the youngest Holden, a teenage witch, serves coffee, tea, and sweets to unsuspecting humans at The Rendezvous as a front, concealing the shop’s true purpose—keeping logbooks for the Supernatural Regulation Department (SRD) of the Fae visiting the planet. Sometimes the visitors seek out a new experience or a rare herb for spellcasting. But this time is different.

MichelleL, De La Garza* Valley of the Flower Elves


Once upon a time, a princess and her father, the Just King, ruled all the valley with great joy and happiness until her uncle, the Mad Monarch of Sherico invaded, imprisoning the princess and her father. Certain a dark magic has infected the valley and her uncle, she escapes the castle and runs into Durrocko, a Flower Elf. Together, the pair vows to save her King Father and the land, even if it means confronting the infamous Mad Monarch of Sherico and his men.

Amanda Love Dear Georgie


“Dear Georgie” chronicles a devastatingly bizarre, pandemic-driven year in the life of a college freshman on a quest to lose her virginity. Her so-called friends keep asking her about her love life or lack thereof, the guys she meets online make Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers look respectable, and the only action she’s seeing, comes in the form of vivid dreams she records in her journal–an erotic account of her deepest fantasies. Rated 18+ Mature Readers Only.

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