Once Upon A Bite Anthology


It was love at first bite…

Fall in love with a collection of twisted fairytale retellings that are bound to steal your heart and soul.

Over 30 spellbinding tales of blood, lust, and happily ever after’s that will captivate your darkest desires. Featuring stories from some of the hottest bestselling authors in paranormal romance, fantasy, and urban fantasy, Once Upon A Bite will sink its fangs into you and never let you go.

Grab this limited edition of Fairytale retellings featuring vampires while it lasts.

Including stories from the following authors:
Ali Winters, USA Today Bestselling Author & Riley Hunt
Sherry D. Ficklin
Thea Dane
Julie Wetzel
Trinity Cole
Bethany Strobel
Misty Wolfe
Helen Allan
Aimee Shaye
Crimson Syn
Jacque Rosamond
Claire Marta and Nia Farrell
Scarlette D’Noire
Carma Haley Shoemaker
Lexa Jade
Jewel Cassidy
Ariel Dawn
Nikki Landis
DJ Shaw
Aarti V Raman
N Gray
Mandi Konesni
Kat Parrish
Nikki Landis, International Bestselling Author
Elvira Bathory
Emma Luna
A.L. Shea
S.A. Clayton
Mikki Noble
Sierra Rowan
April A. Luna
Kathleen Ryder, International Bestselling Author
Aaron L Speer, Award Winning Author
C.A. King, USA Today Bestselling Author
Sandra R Neeley, International Bestselling Author Elle Ryan, USA Today Bestselling Author
Reese Spenser

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