Lily’s Hope by Faith Isabel Bloom

New Release

When Lily died, her one abiding wish was for her ashes to abe scattered in her favorite place on Earth: the ancient and imposing Castello di Arechi, in Salerno.

Determined to carry out her late aunt’s wishes, Sophia makes the decision to spice up her mundane life and journey to Italy, even as her own marriage is threatened by imminent failure.

Upon arrival she meets with Luigi, a man who is very different from her husband and who is willing to help Sophia to uncover the secret of the key she has in her possession.

With no idea what the key is for and with her husband steadily applying more pressure than ever, it looks increasingly like Sophia’s journey may end in failure and Lily’s wishes may never be fulfilled.

But, as with every cloud a silver lining usually appears and this particular one is no exception. As Sophia finds herself falling for another man, the realization dawns on her that her loveless marriage is now finally and for all time dead.

But what does the key open? There are secrets still being kept that could change her life forever. And if she can discover them she may be able to set herself free too.

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