DC Coven Series by Andrei Saygo

From Book 1:

“Cat guardians, ancient libraries with hidden secret spells and a cute romance, count me in! […] If you like Harry Potter or any of Cassandra Claire’s books, you’ll like DC Coven: Oath Breakers” -Meagan Cortez, Reedsy Discovery

Robert Connor, orphaned as a child, is a neurodivergent young man living in Washington, DC, leading what looks like a normal life–well, when not battling supernatural creatures unseen by others.

Dea, a gifted witch from a powerful coven, is attacked by a Hashashin in a local night club, and Robert, a skilled martial artist, comes to her aid. An unexplainable connection binds the two and draws them closer. Soon, however, magical abilities manifest in Robert, revealing glimpses into his true nature, raising the question, “Is he a mage or something else?”

An invitation to join Dea’s coven leads him on a globe-trotting adventure to retrieve an ancient magical scroll that holds answers to his family lineage and the gruesome slaying of his entire family. Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones looking for the document.

Their journey is full of perils from the world city of London to ‘Misr’ on the Nile. Hunted for a crime he didn’t commit, Robert, along with Dea, is battling a host of human and supernatural threats. Barely escaping the clutches of a terrorist group, they return home, where a secretive group inside the CIA recruits him.

Juggling his responsibilities toward the coven and the CIA, and struggling to master the magic flowing through his body, Robert falls hard for Dea. When things begin to settle, the entity responsible for dispatching the Hashashins contacts him, upending everything he thinks he knows about Dea and her coven, himself, and his family.

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