Yesterday, Once More by Lisa Colodny

The Town Time Forgot Series Book 4

In Book four, the saga rewinds back to Hamilton, Nebraska as the Ennis family struggles for answers for Devon and Chris’ disappearance near the great tree, Idresil. With Thomas Hayden, Jr also missing and presumed dead, the towns people, including his father and Sheriff Callahan, are at a loss to understand their fate.

The search for answers, led by Benjamin Ennis takes many twists and turns as his own life as well as Abby Callahan Middleton’s is in compromise. When history repeats itself and old threats become new again, he calls upon the spirits that reign in the lights to help him ensure the safety of those he loves.

There is a fine line between past, present, and future. As Yesterday, Once More comes full circle, Benjamin battles the evil forces blurring the lines and threatens to destroy not only his future but that of generations that follow. The battle of good versus evil continues in book four of the Town Time Forgot.

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