What You Don’t Know (9 books) by Pat Hanratty

New Release

Parts 1-3 are available. 4-9 coming soon!!!!

A man intends to tell a woman he’s the reincarnation of her father, but then she reveals a shocking truth: you’re my son!

This story is told in three parts.

Part I:

Attorney Brady Brown battles with the co-founder of his firm, Nelson Jacobs, whose son, Tommy Jacobs, is a liability to the practice. Brady’s found murdered by unknown assailants and reincarnates.

Part II:

This story starts when twenty-three-year-old Ty Hanson undergoes regression therapy to uncover the life of his former iteration, Brady Brown. He joins the law firm that Brady’s daughter, Lane Louise Brown, now runs.

Part III:

Ty Hanson’s prepared to tell Lane Louise Brown he’s the reincarnation of Brady Brown, Lane’s father, but he doesn’t know that he and Lane share a dark and twisted past. Lane thinks he has returned to expose her and will stop at nothing to keep her secret.

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