A Peace for the Guilty Mind by Faith Isabel Bloom

New Release

(A Historical Series of Love and Perseverance)

As the occupation of Paris drags on into the winter of 1941, Claire and Philippe can no longer deal with living in the city. Despite having the relative luxury of regular work, the dangers have increased. More of their friends and neighbors have been taken away and it is only a matter of time until the Nazis discover that Jean is not their son.

Matters come to a head when Claire kills the German soldier responsible for taking Adeline away and now, with a clear understanding that their safety depends on escaping, they decide to leave the city at the earliest opportunity.

With the stakes higher than they have ever been, Claire and Philippe hatch a plan that will take them far from the war to a peaceful town where they can live in safety. It will depend on nerves of steel and a level of trust from young Jean.

But can they get out of Paris before the net closes around them? What will be their fates if they are prevented from escaping? And can Claire ever come to terms with killing another human being? Their very lives now hinge on a desperate plan.

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