Disturbing Secrets by Jennifer A. Brown

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When it comes to chilling stories, not everyone wants their chapters read out loud.

Jacob Barnes has a lot on his plate. Not only has he been left with the task of searching for his alleged son’s missing mother, but he also gets roped into filling in for his sister Jocelyn’s murder mystery weekend at the local hotel.
Things start to fall apart when a scene in the event gets compromised. When a sex doll resembling Jocelyn is found floating in the pool, and she wakes up in another part of the hotel, the murder mystery weekend comes to a halt as more troubles arise. A man shows up at the hotel with a bone to pick with Jacob…and a shocking connection to the mother of his child.

Events escalate, leading to the disappearance of Christopher, Jacob’s son, and Jocelyn. As the search ensues for both, and clues surface to Jocelyn’s whereabouts, Jacob struggles with more harsh truths. Can he find his family before it’s too late?

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