The Weight of Trauma by Faith Isabel Bloom

New Release

A Historical Series of Love and Perseverance book 4

Having escaped from Paris by the skin of their teeth, Claire, Philippe, and Jean have now found safety in a small French town where they are welcomed by the locals and allowed to live in peace. There, Philippe rediscovers his caring side once again, while Claire continues to develop tougher skin, unable to see past the suffering all around her.

Soon, however, new information comes to light that places them all in grave danger once more. It transpires that Jean’s mother, Adeline, had been a member of the French Resistance and had divulged her friendship with Claire following her arrest.

Now, with the Nazis closing in on the family once more, Philippe is recruited to the resistance movement in a desperate bid to do some good against the overpowering strength of the German forces.

But his actions cannot prevent Claire from being captured when the family is discovered and as she is taken away, vowing to continue to resist in the face of impossible odds, both she and Philippe are faced with tough decisions that will have a great impact on their lives and the lives of those they love.

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