The Lord’s Mill by Faith Isabel Bloom

New Release

A Historical Series of Love and Perseverance book 5

With Claire arrested and taken away, Philippe is left to look after Jean and is more determined than ever to provide a safe space for the young boy to grow up.

When Claire finds herself in a Paris cell, at the mercy of the Nazi war machine, she once again encounters Adeline, who has been imprisoned there since she was last seen, many months before.

Together they work on a plan and make their escape to rejoin Adeline’s resistance comrades. But while Claire now wants to be a part of it and fight for the freedom of France, Philippe refuses as he just wants a peaceful life with their son.

His concerns seem to be confirmed when Adeline is killed while on a mission and this is the catalyst to changing Claire’s mind. Sensing that Jean needs a mother as well as a father, she finally agrees with Philippe’s idea that they must leave France altogether.

But will life in Spain be the answer? And can they evade the German forces and make it across the border to safety? Everything now rests on this final roll of the dice.

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