Augustin by Paige Price

New Release South Mafia Wars Book 2

From author Paige Price comes a mafia strangers-to-lovers romance about a mafia captain and the girl he saves . . .

My Prince Charming, Augustin Méndez, doesn’t own a majestic stead, but he did ambushed the U-Haul trafficking me.

He is the last man in the world I should ever trust.




The man is like a rabid dog looking for his long, lost bone—vengeance.

But a single glance from those intense, dark eyes makes me feel safe.

Too bad he’s looking to even a score by double-crossing the one man I can’t seem to escape from no matter how far I run.

When I discover his ties to the Costa family—I know I should keep my distance.

Isabella ‘Isa’ Saldaña is sweet, pure, and everything I could ever want or hope for in a girl.

This mute beauty lost everything: her family, the farm, and even her dog.




A message from a friend draws her out from the safety of my protection. And now, the Mexican cartel boss, the Mad Dog himself, seeks to use her as a pawn.

The girl, naive and trusting, is sure to be tainted by the evil around her.

Or by me if I don’t keep my distance.

Neither of us can ignore the sparks of growing attraction.

It only took a glance to capture our hearts.

It only took a caress to leave us aching for a forbidden love

It only took a single kiss to send us spiraling out of control and falling fast.

Bringing her into my world is wrong, and I know it.

But that doesn’t matter because now, she’s mine!

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