Blue Falcon by Lexy Timms & Autumn Gaze

New Preorder Release

Department of Defense Series Book 2


I’m a fighter pilot adrenaline junkie, and there isn’t a lot that can scare me. So how can one woman with big eyes and dark hair make my stomach flip-flop? I can’t get her off my mind, but our mind-blowing hour together is going to have to stay a memory. That is, until her plane is attacked by terrorists and goes down—I know I have to save her.

There’s something between us, but the question is, can we stay alive long enough to find out what?


My life is as ordinary as they come, and I keep it that way for a reason. Never mind that I’m bored out of my mind and desperate for something to change. When an offer for a business trip overseas puts a blue-eyed, Greek god of a fighter pilot into my life, I’m not so sure excitement was what I needed.

Especially when the business trip becomes deadly and I have no idea if I’ll live long enough to find my sexy pilot again.


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