Juan Carlos by Paige Price

New Release

(South Mafia Wars Book 3)

A mafia strangers-to-lovers romance about a mafia soldier and the girl who captures his heart . . .

My habit-forming drug has a name, Juan Carlos Falcon.

And as far as addictions are concerned, he’s the itch I should try to ignore.




The man is impetuous and about as toxic as a deadly virus hellbent on global destruction.

He’s ruthless, unforgiving, and calculating.

He’s not above laying down his own form of vigilante justice.

He’s got another side though, one that holds untold promises of unbridled emotions and passion.

The man has ties to the Mexican cartel, so I should keep my distance.

Sonya Torres is different from any woman I’ve ever encountered.

She’s sweet, kind, and she’s the only female who has made it her mission in life to avoid me.




For a single moment, she lowers her defenses and lets me in.

Then, without notice, she builds an impenetrable wall of secrets, keeping me on the outside looking in.

But I’m a persistent man, one ready to dismantle anything and anyone who comes between me and what I want—or who I want, her.

We share an undeniable connection and one fated night binds us together.

One glance is all it took to capture our hearts.

One sensual touch sends us spiraling out of control.

One tantalizing kiss leaves us both aching for a forbidden love.

Turning her world upside down and ripping through her defenses is wrong, and I know it.

But that doesn’t faze me, not one bit, because the girl belongs to me!

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