Twisted Darkness by Autumn Gaze

New Release

Kidnapped after rushing to tell the Fae royal, Gareth, about her shocking hybrid ancestry, Astrid finds herself in the clutches of a mysterious Wizard. When the Vampire finds out the Wizard works for another, even more powerful entity, Lilith, and the plans she has for a War of the Realms, she must find a way to escape and warn the everyone. But as chaos reigns around her, will she find herself in the arms of a forbidden lover?

Betrayed by his brother and rescued by a curious, unreliable Wizard with claims of ancient blood, Gareth is at a crossroads. He needs to warn his father and his uncle, the King of Fae, but he also is drawn to rescue the Vampire he has started to shockingly have feelings for. When the rescue attempt reveals a war that is bigger than anything the Realms have faced in millennia, loyalty and strength are put to the test.

Can Gareth survive, much less explore the feelings that are overwhelming him about Astrid?



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