The Proposal by Faith Isabel Bloom

New Preorder Release

A Runaway Bride and Her Escape Book 1

An Action-Packed & Suspenseful Slow-Burn Historical Romance Series

Giselle Kennedy struggles on with life in 1847 America, working as a governess for a wealthy family following the death of her husband three years before.
Even after all this time, she still mourns her husband’s passing and refuses to entertain any thoughts of marrying someone else, despite the regular pleas from the brother of her employer, who is desperate to marry her.
This time, however, his insistence becomes even greater and when Giselle again refuses his advances, he attempts to force the issue. This results in a fight and while defending herself, Giselle slashes his eye.
Now being accused of many things, Giselle decides that the time has come to escape. She meets a family who are about to set off on the California Trail and charms them into letting her join the wagon train.
But there are many dangers in the wilderness as well and just a few months into the trail, Giselle is captured by a band of outlaws led by Santiago.
Can she escape? Or has Giselle come to the end of her own trail?

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