Knight Takes Queen: A Medieval Collection by Kathryn Le Veque

99 cents or Read in Kindle Unlimited

When a knight takes his queen, anything can happen! READ FOR FREE IN KINDLE UNLIMITED!

In days of old, oral traditions were often passed down in song, soft strains of heroes and warrior poets. Welcome to the world of Medieval Historical Romance like no other, where chivalrous knights and smart, strong heroines take you through great adventure and great passion. Enjoy some of the author’s finest Medieval Romance novels in this limited edition collection.

This collection contains:

Queen of Lost Stars: A lady who has lost everything finds love and redemption when the man she saved is threatened.

Valiant Chaos: A German master sergeant and a de Neville cousin struggle to find their place in England’s politics, together.

The Iron Knight: A seasoned knight who has survived things no man should survive finds love with a destitute widow.

Silversword: A de Lohr hero, from a family of heroes, has his own adventure with a lovely postulate… and a king who wants her.

If you love passionate, quality love stories, then this is the collection for you. Remember to read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

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