The Escape by Faith Isabel Bloom

New Preorder Release

Giselle Kennedy is wondering if running away to California was such a good idea. She is now in hiding with Santiago, the man who kidnapped her, and to make matters worse, he’s injured.

As she treats his wounds and keeps him safe from capture from the gang of men who had ambushed them earlier, they grow closer. But even as this bond develops between them, they both convince themselves that they aren’t attracted to each other.

Once Santiago is sufficiently healed, the two head for Fort Hall where they are able to buy supplies. It is at this lonely outpost that Giselle discovers that Santiago has taken her treasured locket and sent it away with one of his friends.

Carrying on east, they come upon an inn. It’s clear that Santiago isn’t welcome and now Giselle has her chance to be free of him when a group of men ask her if she needs help.

What will she do? Can she trust a group of men she’s never met before or is she better off taking her chances with the outlaw she is slowly falling for?

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