Bending to Break by A. L. Hartwell

A Before I Break Novel Book 1 Olivia Heart has a tragic past and a closed heart. Focusing on her fledgling career to become a lawyer she doesn’t realize a moment of kindness, eight years ago, would be the undoing of all her hard work to remain hidden. Giving away her plane ticket in anContinue reading “Bending to Break by A. L. Hartwell”

To Catch A Fallen Spy by Barbara Devlin

Brethren of the Coast Book 8 Lady Elaine Prescott, the most timid member of the Brethren, has spent much of her time in the shadows, forever blending into the background. From her unconventional perspective, she studies people and their behavior, gleaning information most overlook, and she is content in her quiet little world. When herContinue reading “To Catch A Fallen Spy by Barbara Devlin”

A Midnight Requiem: The Ghostly Hour

New Release !!!!! When doors creak in darkened chambers and eerie sounds echo through the corridors. When the distant sounds of church bells signal the midnight hour — that is the time when spirits dwell, singing their spectral requiem for lost loves and beckoning the living with ghostly fingers… join us, join us…. Welcome toContinue reading “A Midnight Requiem: The Ghostly Hour”

Six Geese a Laying by Emily E K Murdoch

New Preorder Release It’s 1817, with geese flocking just before Christmas—but Maria’s all alone… Maria Fitzroy wants to do just two things this Christmas: avoid all questions about her matrimonial prospects, and see more of this strange Mr. Walter who appeared at Chalcroft asking strange questions. He’s new to the village, mysterious and handsome, andContinue reading “Six Geese a Laying by Emily E K Murdoch”

Come the Night by Christina Skye

✨✨ Free in Kindle Unlimited Come the Night (The Dangerous Delameres Book 1) Deadly secrets unfold on the lonely English heath where a mysterious highwayman pursues his dangerous vow of revenge. Silver St. Clair has vowed to reclaim her family birthright at any cost, but the precious formula for a rare fragrance coveted by allContinue reading “Come the Night by Christina Skye”

Pat Hanratty New Releases

The Italian Cafe: Deeper meanings underly events in our lives that are connected to past-life actions. When his new wife is shot dead in front his eyes, Tony Mason seeks out the services of a hypnotist, Libby Frasure, for relief from blinding cluster headaches. In a trance state, Tony begins speaking in a raspy voice,Continue reading “Pat Hanratty New Releases”

DLG Publishing ❥¸.•´¨`•✿ ❥ Fairytales with a Twist

(18+ Readers) Do you love Fairytales? We have Fairytales in modern day Twist. All are Standalones and can be read in any order All are Free in Kindle Unlimited!!!! Mina Raye: Sacha Shepperd Ninnette and the Dark Night (Twisted Book 1) To return to his world of magic, Finley Marin needs a princess KD Dubois:Continue reading “DLG Publishing ❥¸.•´¨`•✿ ❥ Fairytales with a Twist”

Trick or Treat by Lexy Timms

Free Book ~☆~☆~☆ “Trick or Treat,Bags of Sweet,Stalkers walking down the street…” It’s Halloween and Jamie and Alex are getting ready to celebrate it with their kids. The twins and Markie are excited to go Trick or Treating in their outfits and baby Rosie looks adorable in the suit Jamie made her. Everything is perfect.Continue reading “Trick or Treat by Lexy Timms”

Apple Free Box sets: WJ May

The 6th Seal by Nina Knight

New Release One girl to summon them. One girl to rule them all. One girl to bring them forth, and into the darkness of the shadow realm, she’ll bind them. Something’s brewing in Fredericksburg, Texas. Something more sinister than the usual dirt devils and twisters blowing through on any given day. A half-blood witch, withContinue reading “The 6th Seal by Nina Knight”