A Rich Aftertaste by Lexy Timms

New Release

The Coffee Shop Romance Series Book 1

Coffee spelled backwards is eeffoc – and I don’t give effoc until I’ve had my coffee…

Nick Sullivan knows the value of hard work, and after a windfall from a family member comes his way, he finally realizes his dream of opening a coffee shop and bakery.

Becoming the hot spot for the newly built apartment building in the heart of the city, he finds himself extremely successful and with offers left and right to expand and franchise that he routinely ignores. But when he meets a girl who moves into one of the apartments above his shop, Nick starts to realize something might be missing from his life. When she enlists him to help with her friend’s wedding, the two-start developing a relationship that could rock his carefully constructed life in more ways than one!

Alexis—known as Alex to her friends—comes from a wealthy family, but isn’t interested in the kind of life they lead.

Rather than being a trophy wife, she wants to have a career, and despite their constant pressure, she strikes out on her own to get it. When she moves into the new apartment building and runs into Nick, she finds herself both hopelessly attracted to him and also needing his help for her best friend’s wedding disaster in progress. But when she starts to mix her business mind with her love life, things get muddy quick. Can she keep the two aspects of her life baking away, or will she burn one, or both, to a crisp?

The Coffee Shop Romance Series

A Rich Aftertaste
A Bitter Flavor
Baked to Perfection


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