Chronicles of Gabriel by WJ May

New Release

Kerrigan Memoirs Book 5

Gabriel Alden was living the fairytale… after a nightmare.

He’d replaced his childhood ghosts with a lovably neurotic family. The shadows that chased him were finally laid to rest. He’d adopted a son and was about to marry the girl of his dreams.

So why did he keep waiting for the other shoe to drop? Probably because it always does.

After a prison break from the heart of the Privy Council, the supernatural community is shaken to the core. Despite Carter’s insistence that everything is business as usual, agents are still being targeted, Barnes’ forces are growing, and it’s impossible to know who to trust.

In the days leading up to his wedding, Gabriel finds himself questioning all kinds of things he’d believed to be certain. Can a person with his history make a decent father? Can he learn to operate within the same ethical boundaries as the others? Will his compass ever point true north, or will it always be a little skewed?

Sometimes happily ever after is only the beginning…

Kerrigan Memoirs

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The Chronicles of Angel
The Chronicles of Julian
The Chronicles of Molly
The Chronicles of Gabriel
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