Mistress Domination: Doomed to Dumbnation by Shawn Hunter

New Release

Be careful what you wish for. Once, Kate believed herself to be the only super powered pervert on the block. Then her friend discovered an ability of her own and things were great. Two kinky superheroines running the streets, what could be better? Except that there is a third. A twisted mind has emerged with powers of his own. A mind that warps women to its will.

Now Mistress Domination and Princess Prude will see their powers pushed to the limit as a new enemy unleashes a plague like none other. A plague with big tits, blonde hair, low intellect and no sense of self preservation. A plague of bimbos, an army of canon fodder for a new patriarchal tyranny.

Sex has been her weapon, her need to punish and protect the driving force behind everthing she’s done but now, out gunned by a monster fanatically devoted to his own cause, Mistress Domination will have to do the unthinkable…ask for help. This is war, and Mistress D bows to no man, but who can she trust to face a threat so profound?

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