Chronicles of Rae by WJ May

New Preorder Release

(Kerrigan Memoirs Book 6) by W. J. May

Even the wildest blaze, begins with the tiniest of sparks…

When a reckless manifesto split the supernatural community in half, Rae Kerrigan and her friends thought things couldn’t get any worse. But as it turned out, the trouble was only getting started, because all those renegade agents were about to come back.

Caught in the heart of the chaos, Rae tries to hold things together and keep the future of magic from tearing apart at the seams. But there’s nothing worse than a friend turned enemy, and Cliff Barnes has more than a few tricks up his sleeve. Time is running out, as the date of a critical vote approaches. The gang tries desperately to mend fences, but there are darker undercurrents at play.

Will it ever be possible to fit the two halves back together? How can a secret as big as magic, ever truly be contained? Can the friends unite the supernatural world once again, or will they be forced to learn a terrible lesson?

Not all sins can be forgiven.


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