WolfeAx by Kathryn Le Veque

New Preorder Release

Magnus de Wolfe, who takes after his Viking forefathers, has his story told in a unique and powerful way.

The story of a love nearly lost… but for an angel.

Paternal grandson of England’s greatest knight, son of the man known as “Nighthawk”, and grandson on his mother’s side of a Norse king, Magnus de Wolfe has the blood of elite and royal warriors flowing through his veins. With older brothers who are much accomplished, Magnus needs his time to shine.

But his moment in the sun could potentially burn him.

Delaina de Courant is a courtesan. That’s putting it kindly. A beautiful, intelligent and accomplished woman, that beauty was noticed by a nobleman when she was young and he took her as his mistress. Through the nobleman, she was educated and taught the finest skill and manners, so the result is the most sought-after courtesan in all of England. Delaina is very selective on the men she keeps and she is wealthier than God himself because of the gifts of monetary tribute given to her by hopeful suitors.

Until Magnus comes along.

When the chaste knight from a powerful, noble family falls for a woman his parents would not approve of, Magnus finds himself caught in a maelstrom of emotion – duty versus his heart. His family’s reputation against Delaina’s known profession. It’s a horrific battle until Delaina realizes that the love she’s always wanted – and the knight she’s always hoped for – is simply out of her grasp.

Or is it?

Help – and redemption – come from an unexpected source in this turbulent and exciting de Wolfe Pack Generations novel.

Nook: https://bit.ly/3wRyDOb

Apple: https://apple.co/3aoKxYf

Kobo: https://bit.ly/3lHp9Qb

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